Announcing Free US Stocks Fundamentals API


We are announcing free stocks fundamentals API. Fundamental data includes income statement, balance sheet and cash flow indicators for 12,000+ companies. The data is based on XBRL annual and quarterly reports submitted to SEC. The API provides a simplified access to this data.

Fundamentals API allows customers to get financial indicators for specific companies, as well as compare the data across companies and industries. Both yearly and quarterly data is available.

The permissive license makes the data suitable in cases requiring re-distribution, allowing customers to build upon it and even re-sell the data if necessary. All without costly license agreements.

About the data
API Features

The API returns indicator data in CSV format that can be imported in Excel. It is also possible to keep a full copy of the data in the local database using the updates feed. The connector for some databases is provided upon request.

To get more information about the API view the documentation page.