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Please consider using the API instead of downloading the full archive.

We provide fundamental data for US stocks based on SEC's XBRL filings.

There are many options for fundamental data, but most of them are expensive and difficult to license if you need to redistribute the data. In contrast, the data provided on this page is free and open.

Fundamental data contains income statement, balance sheet and cash flow indicators. The XBRL format used by SEC contains this data, but is difficult to work with and requires additional processing. You can save time and money by using our simple CSV representation of the data.

For a project we are building, we need a set of indicators that can be compared across companies. For this reason, a small subset of indicators (12 at the moment) is generated from multiple original XBRL indicators, as not all the companies report the data the same way. These indicators have the best company coverage and are listed at the bottom of the page.

The data archive also contains the full list of raw indicators from XBRL filings.

The data could be used in stock screeners, for high level comparison between groups of companies or industries. It can also be used to detect errors in data provided by other sources. The data format is very simple, making it possible to do basic comparison in Excel.

Download (100MB)

Data source

The data is extracted from the SEC XBRL filings. The data quality of these filings has improved in recent years, and at this moment, there are 5 years of data of reasonable quality.

A small set of indicators is generated based on multiple XBRL indicators and is available on most companies. They are listed below. Quarterly data for 4th quarter is generated based on annual data and previous quarterly reports.


The data is updated daily. If you would like to get updates programmatically as part of your application, please let us know by sending email to the following address:

info |at| usfundamentals |dot| com

Terms of use

The data is free with no restrictions on the use. As the data is free, we do not provide any guarantees or warranties of any kind about the data.

Indicators available for most companies

Files in downloaded archive


Contains all indicators reported in XBRL form by the company. 100s of metrics, but not suitable for comparison across companies.


Contains a CSV file for 16 metrics containing the quarterly and annual history of the metric for each company in the data set.


Contains indicator values for the last available quarter for each company.


Contains indicator values for the last available annual report for each company.


Contains a mapping from SEC's CIK to the company name, as well as NAICS industry sector.

Questions or feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, please send an email to:

info |at| usfundamentals |dot| com